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Alternative Strategies to be Used in the War on Drugs:...

Kathy Bowing
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Americans With Disabilities Act: Legal and Ethical Considerations. This six-page...

Kathy Bowing
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Amnesty International As A Human Rights Organization.   This is...

Kathy Bowing
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An Analysis of the Recent Term Limitations Law Placed on...

Kathy Bowing
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A Critical Evaluation of Euthanasia, Medicine and the Law by...

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4 Signs you ought to Retake the GRE

Many students hope to earn their target score the primary time they take the GRE. However, retaking the exam may be a quite common practice, as doing so can facilitate your improve both your result and your grad school admissions chances. If essay writer unsure about whether or to not retest, here are four signs to seem for:

1. Your actual score is less than your practice test scores

Depending on how long and the way often you observed for the GRE, you'll have completed full-length practice tests as a part of your prep. While these exams don't seem to be similar to the GRE on your test date, the concepts are identical - which suggests they're a wonderful indicator of your potential. If your actual score is far under your practice type my essay, consider retaking the exam.

2. Your score isn't competitive with those of accepted applicants

Certain graduate schools publish the range of GRE scores that they often accept. While your GRE score is merely one piece of your application, very low numbers can negatively distinguish you from a crowd of applicants. If you can, determine a very cheap possible score that you simply can earn, and so aim to surpass it. Remember - if your application is incredibly kind of like another person's, except that his or her GRE score is higher, your application will likely be the one that's overlooked.

3. You ran out of your time

Many GRE test-takers run out of your time before they complete the exam. The GRE accounts for this reality and allows you to earn a near-perfect score whether or not you omit an issue or two. However, if you discover that you just must skip problems or blindly guess several answers in each section, give some thought to write an essay for me. Before you are doing this, experiment with time management strategies and become even more acquainted with the categories of questions you may face. Similarly, if you run out of your time on the Analytical Writing portion of the GRE, plan to further practice - for instance, familiarize yourself with the structure of the problem and argument tasks.

4. you probably did poorly on the initial test sections

The computer-delivered GRE is an adaptive exam, which suggests that how well you are doing on the primary Quantitative and Verbal sections determines the problem of the second section. If you answer most questions correctly, you may receive harder questions later within the GRE - and contrariwise. Poor performance in the primary section may limit your score, so if you discover yourself struggling early in the exam, you'll want to register for a second GRE test.


A successful grad school application is robust all told of its components. If you're unhappy with the results of your first GRE exam (and you'd prefer to be more competitive with other applicants), don't hesitate to return to your prep write my essay and retake the test. you'll take the computer-delivered GRE once every 21 days and up to 5 times within a 12-month period. Good luck!

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Alternative Strategies to be Used in the War on Drugs: A Focus on Decriminalization and Legalization.

Alternatives to the War on Drugs have thus been gaining popularity among individuals and organizations that seek to curb drug use in addition to reducing a government policy that has proven ineffective. This paper investigates these alternative strategies to the War on Drugs, including legalization and decriminalization. This is accomplished through the use of journal sources on these topics. 

Americans With Disabilities Act: Legal and Ethical Considerations.

This six-page undergraduate paper discusses various legal and ethical considerations involved in the Americans With Disabilities Act, and takes the position that the Supreme Court ruling in Sutton vs. United Airlines best reflects the intent of Congress when drafting the ADA.

Amnesty International As A Human Rights Organization.


This is a 50-page paper that comprehensively presents the role and effectiveness of human rights organizations with a case focus on Amnesty International.

An Analysis of the Recent Term Limitations Law Placed on New York City Officials.


This paper will discuss how New York City voted for limitations on how long a public official may spend in his or her office. By understanding this recent event in New York City history, we can see how this has an affect on the present Mayor Rudy Guliani and how this will create change all along the board for New York politicians. This year a new law goes into effect that limits the terms of New York City elected officials, forcing the mass retirement of most incumbents in the city - including the mayor, the comptroller, the public advocate, four of the five borough presidents, and 36 of the 51 members of the City Council.

A Critical Evaluation of Euthanasia, Medicine and the Law by Colin P. Harrison.

This essay will argue that provocation is the underlying theme of this article, and gives the piece both its strengths and weaknesses. 5 pgs. 5 f/c. 1b.


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